Weekly photo challenge – changing seasons



Australia has different season – the wet and the dry.  This year we have had a long wet and it has brought about a season of spring and summer that I have never experienced before  –  the dry has put off for a while but when it comes it will be hot and fiery


 and vegetation turns brown


We even had an autumn this year


and the winter sunsets were spectacular

Sometimes a wet season is a good thing


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19 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – changing seasons

  1. Spectacular shots. I love the water drop AND the way you did a folded double image of the trees and sunset. It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would put paint on half a piece of paper and fold it over to make a mirror image. I’ve never tried it with a photo. What program did you use. Also, did you take the autumn one with a mirror or through a hole in a board?
    Thanks for sharing your seasons from Australia! We have been having one of the driest (and warmest) winters on record here in Oklahoma. Good for the energy bills, bad for the number of pests we’ll have come next spring and summer. We have been in drought so long across parts of the US that I’ve heard tell that you can walk across the Mississippi River!
    Have a great Christmas!

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