Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise


A few surprises here – the person sleeping in the roon is certainly going to get a one  from Claus coming through a window – not the  chimney, he seems to have forgotton his presents and he’s kinda little (maybe the surprise is that he is an elf)

Australians they may cook up a storm on a barbe but Xmas – nah……….. unless you know better – share a photo!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

  1. Loved this! Having hot weather at Christmas really puts a spanner in the Santa works! Suit is too hot, sleigh needs aircon (even during the night!) and reindeer have to keep stopping for water! But the deliveries get through, that is the main thing!

  2. Our favourite Santa was in Portugal one Christmas. He was inflatable and on the roadside by a restaurant. It was very windy and he became a little more deflated each time we drove past. He ended up really skinny and desperately clinging onto a lamppost -no photo unfortunately!

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