Antelope Canyon


Absolutely Stunning photos and a bit of history to boot in response to the word a week challenge – weather. Shmanland has taken the word weather as weathered rocks check it out or miss out

Originally posted on Shmamaland:

NIK_6399I wasn’t going to post this week to A Word In Your Ear’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Weather.  I simply don’t have a lot of great weather type pictures and nothing but sunshine and clear skies in the good ol’ SoCal weather forcast this week.  (Though it is on my list this year to do a shoot in the rain.)  I’ve also posted the last two weeks in a row and I figured the world might need a break from me.  Then, I actually read her whole post and saw the word “weathering”.  Weathering is something I couldn’t resist…

Two summers ago I ditched the kids.  We were on our vacation which covered Zion and Lake Powell.  As it turns out, near Lake Powell is a stretch of Navajo Lands.  Within these lands is Antelope Canyon.  Antelope Canyon is a series of slot canyons shaped by…

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