A Word a Week: Weather


great photos from Serenity Space in response the the A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – WEATHER

Originally posted on The Serenity Space:

Weather .. the theme this week for A Word a Week.

Much of Australia still burns. Lives have now been lost. Fires started by intent. Stupidity and random acts of uncaring resulting in so much devastation. Thankfully safety surrounds me and mine.

Brisbane and Caloundra. Hot, humid, and dry. Mid-thirties on the thermometer. Humidity intense. Clouds not producing the seasonal monsoonal rain. Dams drying up. A baking sun. The earth becoming parched. Two years past of flood followed several years of drought. Are we again heading into drought? Days of grey skies, wind and wishes. A drop or two at best this year.

This weekends blue skies and threatening clouds again passed … no rain. And I felt it badly. Unused to the dry but extremely humid weather, the first in many years I have been in Brisbane at this time of year, I suffered. A dose of heat exhaustion…

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2 thoughts on “A Word a Week: Weather

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  2. I love that I’ve been there an seen the beauty with my own eyes. Makes me home sick for a home that’s not my own. Rain will come, it always falls albeit in huge torrents at times.
    Friend of mine has a husband fighting fires way down south of you. Wish this time of year didn’t offer such harsh conditions. So many delicate lives.

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