101 Things to do with a Hat

Because my hat had been snaffled by some sweet old thing I have had to think about replacing it.  Not because I want to make some kind of fashion statement but because it is so hot in Vietnam I don’t want to suffer from sun stroke.   I had the misfortune to get this in Denver, and was really unwell.  At the time the girls in my dorm were not concerned because they thought I was drunk.  I was at various stages crawling around the floor, rambling incoherently, passing body fluids, normal stuff for a bout of excessive alcohol.  So I do understand where they were coming from.  It took the high temperature and lapse into unconsciousness spur them into action and throw me under a cold shower and to call a doctor.  Therefore, I started to look for a replacement hat.

In Vietnam women tend to wear either a conical hat or bright, floppy hats in primary or dayglo colours often decorated in flowers, rhinestone and lace.   Don’t you just want to go out now and buy one?    Women here also wear clothes that are reminiscent of the pajamas I wore as a child and if I am going to be honest, still do on a cold night.  Not sexy or alluring I admit but then I have no intention of trying to be when it’s less than minus 1 degree and I have no central heating.

I was tempted by the conical hat as it is used to keep the sun and rain out – dual purpose and a money saving apparel – I liked that.  It could also be multi-purpose rather than dual.  A 101 things to do with a hat (did you read 101 things to do with a cat?).  A   bowl, water carrier, a bailing out implement for boats, a baby rocker.  I kid you not. Attach a couple of long ropes to it, hang it from a meat hook and baby’s asleep.  I’ve seen the prototype in Indonesia.    Unfortunately,  I would look like such a tourist in it!     I decided to go dayglo and am now the proud owner of a wide brimmed neon pink cloth hat with a swirly flower trimmed in black ribbon stuck (yes glued) on the side.  All for the princely sum of “two dollar”.  What I love about this hat is that anywhere else in the world I would look ridiculous and you would not lose me in a crowd.  Here, in my bright  pink neon hat, I blend in.


3 thoughts on “101 Things to do with a Hat

  1. I’ll be traveling to Vietnam in February, so was happy to see that you had been there already. I usually do a contest for my sisters and cousins on my blog–with prizes from wherever I’m visiting. I think I’ve found at least one–maybe two– potential prizes.

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