A Psychologist’s Wet Dream

I once dated one of two identical twins.   He was the younger of the two by a few minutes.  Mark, the eldest, normally took the lead in the decision-making and James followed in his brother’s wake.  They studied the identical subjects, took the same degrees and worked at the same places.  Mark decided to move to England and live in Sheffield doing a PhD.  James followed him and took the same educational route and subject.  They lived together, ate together and socialized together.  That is until Mark came out.  As James was heterosexual he could not follow his brother down this particular pathway.  Suddenly the identical twins were not so identical.  This left James with several dilemmas.  Firstly, being one of a pair of identical twins he felt that people would assume that he was gay as well.  Secondly, it raised questions within himself about his own sexual orientation.  Thirdly, and probably the most important to him, there was a part of Mark’s life that he could not share.

I met the pair when I moved to Sheffield and started to date James on a casual basis not long after.  It was destined to be a short relationship.  Firstly, I got on much better with his brother.  Secondly, James desperate to prove to himself and others that he was not gay like his brother, was dating several women at the same time, including me!.  A  psychologist would have a field day analysing this one. 

 When I found out I moved on – Mark was much better company anyway!

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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