If you go down to the woods tonight


The Sungai Kinabatangan river outside Sepilok in Sabah, Borneo offers the photographer amazing opportunities to take superb shots of wildlife. 

Tours vary in quality and price but even if you rough it in the basic lodges like I did, the bedroom cage, lack of washing facilities and leeches are worth the hardship.

Orangutans, hornbills, snakes, spiders, monitor lizards, leopard cats, pygmy elephants and numerous creeping, crawling, walking and flying creatures, to numerous to mention,  live in this area.

Tours normally last for one night two days or two nights and 3 days.   The night tours were definitely  the best for photography as the animals – especially the birds who were asleep, appeared to be posing for the camera.

 The days consist of boat trips up the river or walks through the jungle.   Depending upon the season, it can be wet and muddy or hot and humid.  Take appropriate clothing, lots of mossie repellent, spare batteries for the camera in case the generator fails and a hat. 

 Watch out for the cheeky monkey’s they are into everything and are accomplished thieves.  There were numerous stories of tourists cameras being whipped by primates and trashed – so lock your windows, doors and cages with care.

 Just remember to book a room for when you return to Sepilok on the last day of the tour – you are so going to need a hot shower and a soft mattress.


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