Rurrenabaque, The Amazon Basin, Bolivia

As much as I loved the experience here’s what I learned from  visiting Rurrenabaque.

Another tourist watching day in the jungle

 Don’t  risk the most dangerous road in the world, unless you are a danger junkie, to get there (read my blog story  for the whole experience) – catch a plane.   Don’t go in the wet season – if there was ever a place to lose a lot of blood to vampire mosquitoes, it’s here.   Go with a reputable tour company – our’s ran out of petrol and we missed out on the river dolphins.  Don’t let your guide drink with his buddies, insist on spending hours in the swamp looking for poisonous snakes when you are being sucked to death, or spend hours fishing for piranha because you caught more fish than he did.

 Do watch out for the crocs  I’ve never seen a blue one before!  Don’t get too close!!!Get up early, swing in a hammock, watch the  monkeys  and toucans visit the camp when no one else is awake.   Wait for the cooks to throw the vegetable parings out and  watch the monkeys swarm in.  Do take extra coffee – they run out quickly.  Make sure you get to meals on time – food goes fast. 


Do go for a drink at the jungle bar and watch the sunset – it is truly beautiful.  Get to know your fellow backpackers – they often make the trip.  Do not listen to the guide if he asks you to spread out and look for anaconda – follow behind him in a line so he gets bitten first.   Do take lots of repellent, and a cover for the beds as some of them have bed bugs.


Do go swimming with the dolphins – they are pink!  Do take extra water with you – beer is normally readily available.  Do make sure you have accommodation booked for when you return – boy are you going to need a shower.  But above all do have a great time.


By the way the monkeys look cute but  are opportunistic thieves – watch your stuff and lock up your rooms.


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