Macu Picchu – Peru

spectacular, stunning, tantalizing, mysterious – words don’t do this place justice and documentaries just can’t  encompass the stature, size and beauty of Maccu Picchu.    Often,  when I read a book then see the spin-off film I am underwhelmed. Consequently, having seen many docos on the this peruvian archeological wonder, I expected the same response.   But nothing can prepare you for the sunrise, the size of the place, the spectacular scenery and the views from wayna picchu.

View of Machu Picchu from Wayna Picchu

 So enthralling was the site that I spent the majority of the day there.  One of the guys on the turnstile even said “again”?  when I went back in for my fifth wander around the site after popping in and out to use the facilities (you can go back in as many times as you want during the day as long as you have your passport on you).  

Wayna Picchu (the rock in the background) can be climbed but only 400 people a day are allowed up so get to the entrance of the site early.  The climb is not for the fainthearted or  those with health problems.  The Inca site at the top is ok but it’s the breathtaking views that steal the show.

Apart from the Llamas of course who are a must for that classic picture that defines Macu Piccu – they refused to pose for me.  

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