Pimp my ride


Long before the TV programme pimp my ride was conceived and hit our screens,  there was a local in Bangkok who hit on the idea of decorating his bike chair with union jacks, flashing lights, tinsel and flowers.  He dressed himself in a safari jacket and shorts and wore a pith helmet and shades.  He certainly stood out from the rest of the touts and the tourists loved it.  He became part of the to do list when in Bangkok and I would bet that his kooky bike and visage feature in thousands of holiday snaps.   He should have patented the idea as now in many Asian cities one can see pimped up bikes crocodilling around the major attractions, much to the delight of the occupants and the onlookers.        

Since pimp my ride seems to have hit a note in the Australian public’s heart maybe we could take it one step further.  How about a show called pimp my cat; dog; hamster; sofa; partner?  Although they’ve pretty much been covered by the renovating and make over shows.  Plus there are already bizarre clothes for animals selling on the internet.   What about pimp my pimp – finally the  adult content spam I receive may have a use.

One thought on “Pimp my ride

  1. Pimp my pimp, plenty of them here in Batam if you need any extras! Love that rickshaw, seems to be an Asian idiosyncrasy, seen a Red Bike man near The Palace, and a wonderful weirdo with fluros in KL, Malaysia.

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