Please don’t say it with flowers!

Lily flower – The King’s Palace Cambodia.

Pollen – the bane of my life.  One thing that has been consistent throughout my travelling life is that at some stage I will get hay fever.

   English Red Poppy

Even in England where it rains most of the time I suffer!  Last year the sun shone solidly for the whole 5 weeks I was there (which must be a world record), and the proverbial English garden, of which the British are so fond of, turned the air into a pollen laden nightmare.    Lily – Bali

Never tell those who sneeze, wheeze and blow their noses through spring time to ‘wake up and smell the roses’  because

a)  they can’t smell a thing

b) Copious amounts of anti-histamine would need to be flowing through the blood stream to enable them to do so.

c)  You might get a rude reply.

The sad fact is that I love the sweet scent of flowers such as jasmine, roses and frangipani and this allergy malarkey seriously impairs my olfactory senses.  Unfortunately, if I dare to take in a heavenly breathe without medication,  I invite a session of eye-watering sneezing and invite a mega migraine into my head.


So for anyone who is tempted to send me a message by saying it with flowers –  pleeease dont.

Beach Tree Flower – Asia

A ‘get well’ bouquet will give me a relapse!

Pitcher Plant – Borne

Romantic ‘I love you’ roses will end in copious amounts of allergy induced tears

‘I’m sorry’ daffodils will make me think that your out for revenge and want to really see me suffer.

‘Thank yous’ and ‘happy birthdays’ bunches of flowers make me miserably sick.

Biggest flower in the world – Sumatra

‘forget me not’  posies do exactly the opposite and make me want to forget everything until I get medication inside me.

So no thank you, I appreciate t5he thought but tsave your money or ………………………………….. maybe buy a nice succulent, chocolates or a bottle of wine (definately not allergic to those – luckily).   

but please no flowers.

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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