The Road to Canon del Colca, Peru.

The Conon del Colca is one of the world’s deepest canyons and the journey to get there is an event in itself.  The road from Arequipa (Peru’s second largest city) climbs steadily upwards through villages and the Reserva Nactional Salinsa Y Agudad Blanca.

Here you will pass active volcanos

The bleak altiplano

Terrain scattered with Vicunas, llamas and alpaca.

The road continued through the Altiplano past the stone forest to a hight of 4800m before dropping down into Chivay through  jaw dropping scenery.

Past Chivay the bus follows the south bank of the upper Colca Canon past several picturesque villages and some amazing scenery including pre-Inca terracing.

As the road climbs the views become more spectacular and the road more precipitous.  eventually the road will pass Cruz del condor which is a look out point for the Andean condors that nest there.   The end of the road is Cabanaconde where we found cheap accommodation for a night before the early start for the trek into the Canyon .  It was an amazing journey.


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