I’ve got the the working week blues

Graffeti in a hostel in Argentina.

Ever had one of these weeks?  I would bet my bottom dollar that most of us have.  I certainly have my moments when I’d rather be anywhere else than in my job wondering where my life went and despairing that I’m doomed to a 9 – 5 routine until I retire.   Luckily my inner wild child (who I wrote about yesterday)  does not like boredom, rebels against security and pension plans and loves a challenge.   Every couple of years she will seize the opportunity to sweet talk me into either a year’s travelling or to apply for a new job.  I’ve resided in 17 different houses (rented/bought/family), changed careers four times, travelled in 4 continents and lived in three of them.  I wonder where we are going next?

2 thoughts on “I’ve got the the working week blues

  1. haha! My inner wild child sweet talks me too. heck she even yells and sulks. I just am not currently “able” to obey her that much. That’s a great one you’re doing!

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