Eight reasons my niece says she can’t sleep.

Even the cat was exhausted from trying to get the kids to sleep


Having read my niece a bed time story and fielded all the usual delaying strategies, I turned on the night-light and headed out the door for a well-earned drink downstairs with her weary parents.

Excuse number one – “I want mummy to come and give me a cuddle”. Done

Excuse number two – “It’s dark in here” and on questioning as to why it was so dark “I off the night-light off” – night-light turned back on again.

Excuse number three “there’s a fly in the room” – fly could not be found

Excuse number four ” I’m so tired I can’t sleeeeeep!!!” – we laughed and left her

Excuse number five “life is soooooo hard” – we started to laugh real hard and stayed downstairs.

Excuse number six ” You’re a bad mummy” – emotional guilt trip – parents getting twitchy but still finding it funny.

Excuse number seven “I can’t sleep and you don’t love me any more” ramping up the emotional bit, parents starting to cave and getting ready to go upstairs.

Excuse number eight “it’s not fair, its not fair I’m so sad” back to laughing


The rants lessened, the silences between them increased and eventually after a few hiccuping sobs all was quiet.  She fell asleep without getting her own way.  It was 10.30pm

I headed for home in case she decided to wake up again.


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