That God Thor is messing with my head

The weather is  lousy,

its driving me insane,

it’s waited for the weekend,

to pour with rain again,

pour down with rain,

yes pour down again.


The water keeps on rising

till it’s lapping at my door

The wind it keeps ahowling

and I can’t take it no more

cant’ take it no more

it’s lapping at my door

I’m staring out the window

wondering what to do

I don another jumper

because I’m turning blue (with cold)

because I’m feeling  blue

wondering what to do

Tomorrow is Monday

I’m off to work again

another weekend waiting

for the sun to shine once more

to shine once more

so I can step out the door.

Sunday night it stops raining

waits till I’m in bed

I swear that god Thor

is messing with my head

messing with my head

waits till I’m in bed.

Ah well there’s always next weekend!

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