The Night Train.

Flinders Street Train Station – Melbourne City Centre.

Late one night, after meeting some friends in town, I decided to catch a train rather than a taxi home.   During the day Flinders Street Station (a bit of a gothic monstrosity) is not the most charming of places to while the time away waiting for Met link to arrive.  So resigned to a long boring wait I descended onto the platform.  But a surprise awaited me.  Flinderella had gone to the ball and been transformed into a princess – its amazing what a bit of soft lighting and empty platforms can do for a girl!

Trains came and went on other platforms spilling forth parties of adults dressed as school girls, fairies, clowns and pirates. Laughter and shouting reverbertated as they raced up the esculators into the city to party the night away.  As their voices faded I was left alone again to observe Flinderella in her fineary.

There was so much that I’d never noticed before. The station was fascinating.

Even the stairs took on a attractive glow

  It just goes to show you that you can find beauty in the most unusual places and at the most unexpected times.


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