Weird Weather in Melbourne

So after the temperature soared on the 2nd Jan to a staggering 40C we were all preparing for a muggy, humid week. Having been caught out before (several times) by the unpredictability of Melbourne weather systems i.e. tights, boots, and warm clothing when the temperature suddenly spiked during the day and thin, air breathing outfits when the temperature plummeted, I have come up with a new plan. First check the weather forecast for the day, completely dismiss it, get up earlier in the morning and take a turn around the back garden to check out skies, wind chill factor, and humidity. Then make my own prediction for the day.

Yesterday it was all going to plan. It was overcast, it looked like rain and there was a nip in the air – which was likely to continue. I dressed accordingly and headed out with a huge umbrella hanging from my arm. I was spot on – almost. Now how could I know that just before the deluge began a sheet of lightening was going to land almost next to me and the first crack of thunder occur right above me. It was terrifying. There I was out in the open with my umbrella spike pointing invitingly upward – what should I do? Run for home or head towards the train station? Decision made I closed up my protection turned death trap and legged it to the station trying to stay as close to anything taller than me as possible. I made it with seconds to spare. The heavens opened up and I was warm, dry and completely unsinged!

Ah well it’s all a learning curve, next time I’ll factor in rubber boots!

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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