Tight-Arse Tuesday – A cheap night out in Melbourne

There is a tradition in Melbourne that the Melburnians have subtly labelled  Tight-arse Tuesday.  Now for those of you who don’t know what this is all about and are wondering where this blog is going, it’s about discounts on meals, cinema tickets and other events tickets.  The idea is to encourage people out during the week when trade may be a little slack.  It’s a great idea.  A meal in my local Italian will cost me 12 bucks (and they don’t cut down on the portions), the  Thai restaurant does curries for 9, the pub puts on grub for about 7 dollars a meal, the spanish gives two meals for the price of one and so on – you get the idea.   So I can go out for a meal and see a film for less that 25 dollars – and afford to have a glass of wine or two and maybe an entree or dessert – not bad really .  Unfortunately there are so many people who don’t mind being called tight-arses that there tends to be a bit of a scrum Tuesday nights and places get chocker.

As the event is so popular and the economic climate being what it is at the moment I feel that the idea should be extended to encompass all days of the week.  How about:-

Meanies Monday

Thrifty Thursday

Frugal Friday

Scrooges Saturday

Scrimpers Sunday

I can’t think of anything for Wednesday – but then maybe it would be good to have a day off from all that money saving food consumption – unless you have a suggestion?


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