Why do I like boat travel when abroad – Photographic reasoning.

“A lot of people ask me if I were shipwrecked and could only have one book, what would it be?  I always say – how to build a boat”

Stephen Wright – Actor

Boats are synonymous with Asia.  One tends to have to travel on them to get to the most spectacular parts and remotest islands.  They come in all shapes and sizes and range from the powerful and quick to paddle propelled and slow.  I have made friends on them, ate and slept on them and braved dodgy toilets on them.  I have experienced boat slamming in 10 foot high storm waves with screaming passengers and the maniacal laughter of the captain and his mate ringing in my ears.  I have prayed to every god available to cover my options and resigned myself to death at the jaws of a hungry shark.   I have got sunburned, sea sick and sopping wet through and still I go back for more.   What is about boats that I love?

Well for starters they provide excellent shade!


Sometime they almost look alive


They like to dress up

One can often find them in exotic locations.

Their babies are cute

They can be a little bit grungy

 They come in all shapes and sizes

They look good in sunsets

They can get pissed off, refuse to go any further and make you wade in

  They can transport you to exotic locations

and secret places

  They be high-class and romantic

Or just plain working class

They are access to food and an income

Protection from hungry wildlife.

Fun to be in

 or just pretty to look at

There’s something exciting about travelling by boat which will keep me going back for more ………………..unless it’s  small open wooden boat heading out into a storm!


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