Supine – A poem


Have you ever been inspired by a poem?  There are two particular ones that resonate with me, probably because I work (in the main) with the elderly.  The first is “What do you see, nurse, what do you see? A poem said to be found in the locker of an elderly lady who passed away in nursing home and is about abuse and neglect.  When I struggle to get through a day in the aged care wards of the hospital I recite this poem to remind me why I am there and what I am in the business of preventing. The second is called “When I am old I shall wear purple” by Jenny Jospeh and is about rebellion against stereotypes of older people.  Here is my contribution:-


Terminal but not yet dead

I lie here taking up one hospital bed

You dont want me and I cant go home

So I lie here in the urine seeped gloam. 

Resusitation is such a pain

My demise would be someone’s gain.

I’m on my way out so you call code blue

Am I better off dead because I’m a burden to you?

But I wont give up I’ll put up a fight

I refuse to walk the tunnel into the light

Don’t you see I want to stay alive

Repell the darkness of the final death dive

Because I am a mother, a lover and a wife

I love my family and cherish my life.   

Supine I lie here on your hospital bed

Terminal but not yet dead.


I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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