The Perhentians – Malaysia

Interested in a little me time?  Head to the Perhentians.  Not quite isolated as it once was due to the large influx of backpackers now flooding the islands in high season and sadly the amount of buildings  being constructed to accommodate them.  However, that said there are still white sandy beaches with azure blue water around the headlands of the main beaches which are a small taste of tropical paradise.  Mainly because they are relatively inaccessible, the only way to access them is by boat or trekking across hot spider infested jungle tracks that tend to peter out along the way and take one off in a different direction (speaking from experience).

Lovers Bay

Consisting of two islands, big and little, little is definitely the place to go for a bit of partying and socializing.  There are more places to eat and drink, the town is small but interesting and some of the isolated beaches are stunning.      However big island has a much more laid back vibe – a place to wind down after all that partying.  Here too unfortunately they are building and spoiling the beaches, yet there are still pockets of tranquility where the coral and fish are plenty and the turtles come close to the shore. Oh and it has monkeys and they are way cute.

Accommodation can be rough, rustic, ridiciously expensive.

or almost under water at high tide

Mine host

If you stay quiet you may get to see the shy colourful local birds

Nia – her beach cafe is the best value and the food is definitely the most tasty out of both islands.  Large helpings as well!

and of course no blog entry would be complete without a sunset.


5 thoughts on “The Perhentians – Malaysia

  1. What a stunning place. It is a shame when the beauty of somewhere is compromised on trying to capitalise on it.

    It’s my guilty travel pleasure to not have to share my experience with anyone else – a bit unrealistic at times but such a treat when it happens!

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