The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award and I’d like to thank Travel Spirit for the nomination – check out her blog at there is some great content.

Apparently I have to list other blogs that I have enjoyed that are versatile and also to share 7 items about myself that people do not know about.

I wish I could nominate more as the ones I visit regularly number way more than 15.   In no certain order:-














the traveller

lesley carter

Seven things you don’t know about me:-

I don’t like beards.

I  don’t drink coffee – Well I am English – it’s tea all the way!

I used to be vegetarian until I caught the smell of frying bacon after a mega drinking session.

My sister and I used to talk to each other while we were both asleep and make perfect sense.

I get cold very easily (bad circulation)

A family member helped sew the coronation clothes for the Queen Elizabeth 2nd

Paul Newman is one of my favourite actors.

Finally, here are the rules that go along with the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Make a post with a list of 15 nominated blogs
  • Inform the nominees that they are nominated
  • Share seven items about yourself that readers don’t already know
  • Thank the blogger who gave you this award

If I havn’t informed you – its because I’m having trouble with the logistics of how to do it – but I will keep tryin – I’m still new at this!


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