I’m going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

“That man who never grows old keeps a child in his heart” Richard Steele

Photo taken in B.A. Argentina – looking a bit worse for wear !

Well it’s that time of year again – they come around so quickly these days!  So I’ve taken the day off and have decided to go to the zoo.  The adults around me don’t seem particularly enthused by my plans and I just ended up telling them they could either come with me or stay at home and be boring.  I’m not a zoo person normally but apparently Melbourne has a good one so I’m giving it a go.  Since last year’s birthday was a disaster (see my blog on Thai Logic) and I was quite unwell hopefully this year’s will be a little better.   However, the prediction for the weather is a major storm and my dad has already woken me up at some god forsaken time in the morning from England to say hello not realising that I was having a sleep in.  But that’s OK  I have an umbrella and I just get to the zoo a little earlier! And there is always my 3 year old niece who I can recount the experience to with when I get back – now I know that she will get excited about the whole thing!

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