Phu Quoc Island – Vietman


Heralded by Lonely Planet as the “place to take a vacation from your travels”.  I suggest that you get there soon possible as tourism and its associated infrastructure has already started to eat away into its isolation and the beach is beginning to erode – sandbags are holding it up in places.    Rooms are overpriced but nice and roomy and budget accommodation is normally fully booked in advance.  The food, it has to be said, is not great and I experienced my first bout of food poisoning.  However it is still quiet at the far end of the beach  island and one can get away from the crowd by walking around a few headlands.

Beware of the watermelons – I got very sick.  To and insult to injury watch your dong – all the notes look alike and I paid way to much by mistake – of course she didn’t tell me!!

End of the island beaches where it is quiet

End which is not so quiet and smells of pollution.

Sandbags at Sunset

We spent longer than anticipated here mainly due to the fact that I was bed bound for a couple of days.  However,on the way back to the mainland we caught a bike and the interior was amazing so I`m sure there are some really nice parts of the island.     Watch out for the touts when you reach the mainland.  We asked to be taken to the bus station and they dropped us off at a petrol station,  rang their mates who turned up in a mini van and tried to charge us an extortionate rate to ge to our next destination.    When we argued they told us that the bus had gone for the day – Luckily they needed the fare so we negotiated a fair price in the end – You`ve got to admire the cheek of these people!


5 thoughts on “Phu Quoc Island – Vietman

  1. Wow, this is a beautiful post. How I admire your travel to Asia and this visit to Vietnam. I’ll live have to live through your experiences at least for now….

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