The many moods of the mountain gorilla










6 thoughts on “The many moods of the mountain gorilla

  1. Hey, you got to see them in the wild too? I didn’t think they kept mountain gorillas in captivity?

    She looks different to the family we saw in Uganda. Their hair was so dense and furry.

    Best experience I’ve had – amazing animals.

      • They are actually western lowland gorillas at Melbourne Zoo (species: gorilla gorilla gorilla). We have a family of them at Belfast 🙂

        There are no mountain gorillas in captivity in public zoos because they cannot survive in captivity.

        Western lowland are the larger subspecies and have a much higher population in the wild (estimated between about 150,000 and 200,000 individuals) and, as the name suggests, have a different habitat and diet.

        The mountain gorilla (species: Gorilla beringei beringei) has denser fur to keep warm at higher altitude and there is estimated to only be between 650 – 680 individuals left with no population in captivity. They only occur in a select range of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

        I’m writing up my gorilla tracking this week (motivation permitting!) if you wanna compare.

        Both subspecies are beautiful. Such peaceful thoughtful creatures.

        I cried during my time with them 🙂 so amazing, would recommend to anyone 🙂

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