And you can come too too too – Im going to the zoo zoo zoo.l

 Well of course you can’t,  but the least I can do is share some of my photos with you – and you can view the animals from a dry place – I got soaked that day – yes it is still raining in Melbourne!

Melbourne Zoo is funded by the Govermment – it is set in the Royal Park Gardens near the city centre and although small is great for children and adults alike.  Personally I felt that some of the enclosures were a little small but at the end of the day the breeding programmes and genuine concern for the animals by staff and their passion for conservation of endangered species outweighed the negatives.

We were adopted by a zoo volunteer on the way in who’s initial offer to show us the way to the giraffes turned into a 1.5  hour guide of some of the walks, including stops for the toilet.  My initial reaction was to shrug him off as I was expecting a request for money but then I remembered I was in Australia no Asia and no fee was required just the ability to listen to a man wanting to share his knowledge and love for the animals.

Your disturbing my sleep!

How many do you think are left in the wild now?

      The star of the zoo attempting a jail break by dismantelling the enclosure

Hati Hati (slowly slowly) and it was we spent 5 hours there.

Wot no Ice cream!!!!!

Close Encounters

These guys knew the rain was coming – they went nuts

Elastoplasts are all the rage in the world of Merecats

Sorri could not resist putting this one in

Mother and baby – way cute

Aother star of the zoo – this one was a little tinker


10 thoughts on “And you can come too too too – Im going to the zoo zoo zoo.l

  1. Wow, these are some of the best animal photos I have ever seen!! The clarity is amazing! I think my favourite is the close up of the lion’s face, and the butt picture is hilarious :). Great job and thanks for sharing.

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