I went down to the river today – Boat people of the My Tho – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam – part one.

The town of My Tho  is a place to experience Vietnamese life mainly untouched by the tourist trade.

Vibrant, bustling markets extend along the river and surrounding areas and make great subjects for the budding photographer.

However, it is at sunset that this town reveals its real attraction and a reason for traveller to stop and spend some down time here.  Head to the river a little before the sun starts to sink, find a floating restaurant, settle into a ringside seat, order food and beer and wait.

As the sun sets peach tones diffuse through the air and throw the backdrop scenery into relief.  By day, the waterway is languid but as the bright harsh light softens into a muted pastel it begins to teem with boats transporting goods, families and workers up, down and across the Mekong.

  Children splash around bathing in the water in front of rusty tin and wooden houses that either float on a bed of rubber tyres or perching precariously on wooden stilts.

It is a magic time of day. If you’re in the area stop by!


15 thoughts on “I went down to the river today – Boat people of the My Tho – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam – part one.

  1. Wow your photos are amazing! My husband and I were on the Mekong about two weeks ago and we were gutted that we ended up on a speed boat back to Saigon from My Tho. It was going so fast and we had to sit inside so we didn’t get the opportunity to get some decent photographs (stupid day tours!). My husband was wondering what camera you use – he has just started dabbling in photography and yours have really inspired him!

    • That is a real shame – may be you will get a chance to go back or the opportunity to see other markets. I use a SLR Cannon 500d – thanks for your kind comments 🙂

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