Ticking goals off the Bucket List – live the dream

The interesting thing about the compilation of a bucket list is that generally we are all doing it while we are healthy, generally quite young and no intention of dying for some time.  Now that’s a good thing, as long as over the years of living one is still motivated to cross those goals off the list one by one.  It would be so easy to put that holiday off due to work commitments, worries about leaving the house/pets alone for a few months, waiting until the children are older,  financial concerns, taking the kids out of school, time constraints, family pressure not to do anything rash.  Whatever the material or emotional reasons, for many of us they all tend to have a way of deferring the dream trip.

Speaking from experience I can tell you that once you fall sick and the end could be possibly in sight. physical and emotional pain kick in.  It becomes difficult to focus on anything more than getting out of bed in the morning and pulling yourself together in order not to freak out your nearest and dearest and get on with the daily tasks of surviving the day before falling back into bed in an exhausted heap at the end of the day.  Any thoughts of travelling, trekking, living it rough for a while, lugging backpacks over mountain and hill, throwing oneself into a number of thrill seeking experiences become unrealistic and the bucket list suddenly becomes a compilation of reproachful sentences.

Faced with my own possible passing a less exciting bucket had to be made which included making a will, getting an enduring power of attorney organised,  surviving the operation,  if necessary enduring radio/chemotherapy, reflecting on the way I had lived my life (good and bad), making sure I had my funeral and financial arrangements sorted out, starting a blog to pay homage to my friends and family and all the good times I have had.  Of course the nomadic side of my personally insisted that I blow a shed of money on a trip to the Maldives (on my original bucket list) if my health allowed me so I could a least sit on a beach and have some down time.  Apart from the last one, it’s hardly the stuff dreams are made of

7 months after the op, minus two body parts, prognosis benign, still in recovery but definitely getting there I’m  finally going to write down my bucket list.

Learn to Scuba Dive

Go to the Maldives before it sinks

Work In Africa

See cheetahs in the wild.

Swim with dolphins (no still not done it!)

Learn Spanish and go to Central America

Go to see the endangered Red Panda in South China

Buy some warm clothing and head out for the Northern lights, penguins and polar bears, icebergs and lots of snow

Finally see the parts of Europe that I missed.

Visit India and Nepal

Climb a live volcano (safely)

Well there a load more things I can think of but that is enough for now.

What is the point of this particular blog? Moral of the story?   Make a list and go for it – don’t let the clutter of everyday life hold you back and find solutions to the reasons not to go.  Because if you don’t by the time you finally get around to looking at that list it may be too late.

Me?  I’m heading off again at the end of March for a some rest and respite on a beach for a few weeks in Asia.  After all I need to build my strength up I have a lot of travelling to do!

10 thoughts on “Ticking goals off the Bucket List – live the dream

  1. Your bucket list has some pretty great stuff on it. And a bunch of items which I can only hope to accomplish in time some day too. In time my friend, in time. 🙂 But you better get a move on! Lots to do!

    And just a tidbit, if you go to the Panda Zoo in Chengdu, China, you can even hold a red panda for a small cost. (Which is much cheaper that paying to hold a regular panda for some reason…)

  2. You go! Very encouraging post! I have yet to make a bucket list but I have some mental notes as to what would be on it…..I need to write them down and work on scratching them off.

    I hope you are able to accomplish all of yours!! Best of luck to you!

  3. Wow – good for you! Congrats on keeping it all together, and chasing your dreams. I really believe that what you say is true – too many leave their dreams and bucket lists at the door, let work and what they think they should do push these things aside, only to find later, they are no longer able due to health! Keep your strength – enjoy your relaxing time on the beach – there are many adventures still to come! Your list is great – I hope you are able to get to them all, and then some!

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