The Royal Palace – Cambodia.

Ornate Pagodas, silver tiled floors, solid gold buddhas decorated with precious gems, formal gardens and ancient paintings are to be found in the Royal Palace complex which is tucked away behind high walls, close to the Mekong.    If you are after a taste of how royalty live this is the place to head to.   Make sure you allow enough time to take it all in as there are outlying gardens, grottos, monuments, temples, ancient paintings and many other artifacts from the lives of the revered that capture the imagination – much  more than the more ostentatious central pieces.

It’s a tranquil place to wander around (out of bus tour times) and a nice place to take some time out from the frenetic, noisy city of Phnom Penn.

Monks abound here – it seems to be a centre of pilgrimage and are only too happy to pose for a picture (for a small remuneration)

Don’t forget to check out the museum at the end of the visit – replicas of cambodian houses, formal dresses, craftsmen making instruments or weaving with traditional methods and other cool stuff.


Make an offering to the gods then head off to the Foreign correspondences club, just down the road ,for a G&T and bite to eat while watching the sun set. Magic!

22 thoughts on “The Royal Palace – Cambodia.

  1. Very strong photo’s – wouldn’t mind the top one for my bedroom wall – in massive blow up. Wonderful adventure here in colors, angles, people and textures. Your eyes and camera does a fanatastic teamwork.

  2. I know it’s not the topic of the blog but tou captured the flower beautifully! Loving the details in the Cambodian architecture too.

  3. When did you visit the Royal Palace? I went there last summer and from your photographs I can see that things are still the same as my last visit. I also happened to stay very close to it (only 5 minutes walk).

      • Unfortunately I didn’t. I only had half a day in Phnom Penh for one night transit from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City. I only managed to go to the Royal Palace, the Cambodian National Museum and walked along the bank of the river.

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