Saquisili Indigenous Market – Ecuador

Colourful, full of activity, a place to head to for llama hair jumpers to keep the chill off at night and a must for the photographer.  Buses can be taken from the city of Latacunga (nr park national cotapaxi)   – set out early though the locals all head for this market as well.

18 thoughts on “Saquisili Indigenous Market – Ecuador

  1. Beautiful pictures! Very colourful. I strongly suggest as well Otavalo Market in Ecuador. I ve been there two months ago and it s a great place to buy indigenous crafts, ponchos, and handmade things.

  2. I love South American art and garments. My husband lived in Argentina and travelled to several countries in S.A. so we have lovely wall hangings, painted gourds, vases, a llama poncho, etc. The only thing that could not be reflected in your amazing pictures is their haunting, ethereal music that speaks of magical places. I hope I will go there too one day soon.

  3. Fantastic colors – must have missed this … brilliant photo’s again. Your eye for details and people in their everyday life are brilliant. So vibrant !!! My favorite ???? The first one and the one with the yarn. Stunning!

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