Latacunga – Ecuador

Apart from being a good base from which to explore Cotpaxi and some of the local town markets this place has s laid back charm that makes one want to stay longer than planned.  One piece of advice – if you pull in at the bus terminal across the river from the main centre you might want to consider getting a taxi to your hotel.    The streets and pavements are narrow and definately not built for a European with luggage.  There is a real danger of toppling over into the path of traffic as locals compete for a bit of space on the sidewalk .  After circumnavigating the market a couple of times, wanderng around in a huge circle and, taking in half the city centre we finally found our hotel an hour afer arriving at the station.    The city is small enough to take in in a day – 2 days and with most of the towns in Euador we found interesting stuff around every corner. 


10 thoughts on “Latacunga – Ecuador

  1. Misspelled ‘axi’ for taxi. I love the markets. In my recent trips I have found ample action and people shots. Yours are splendid. I always feel like a ‘victim’ when toting a suitcase. But in NYC, folks are towing suitcases all the time on the subway and no one notices. Certainly, I don’t give a second look.

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