The Ios Malakas – Chang Mai Cricket Sixes

32 teams from 14 countries take part in the Chang Mai Cricket Sixes and 2012 was the 25th Anniversary of the contest.  Of all the teams that take part the Malakas are probably best loved by all and live up to their name without fail each year (Check out the Greek meaning of Malaka and you will begin to understand!).  

Always up for a laugh, they have the ability to party until dawn and still turn up to the ground each day to participate,  often pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat just when you think they are about to lose.  

Many have fallen in the face of their excessive drinking bouts and ability to live on 2 hours sleep a night but the diehards on the team seem to thrive on it. 

This year we were minus  some of the usual suspects and they were sorely missed.  However the virgins on the team more than made up for the absentees and threw themselves wholeheartedly into the social life as well as the game.  

 Of course we all have our stars and one of our team members hit the only ten in the tournament (unique to chang mai) then proceeded to singlehandedly put us back in the game. 

Injuries were up – including the supporters – we are all getting too old!

and he wasnt even a  Malaka!

The duck lady and her duckettes raised a serious amount of cash for charity – they work very hard throughout the year to organise this and we had many ways of raising money including signed shirts and cricket bats donated by some very big names in cricket. 

The main objective is to play cricket but friendship old and new, generosity, the ability to take the piss and have it taken, laugh out loud, and generally enjoy life are also wonderful components of the tournament and which make it a must attend. 

Out for a duck!

Of course  being the Malakas there has to be an award for the best cock up of the and I am proud to announce that apart from discovering that I am a closet exhibitionist, I also won the Sid award for the best fuck up in the team.  I beat off Ben leaving his phone in a cab twice, Heinrick for taking his hotel key to the airport and leaving it in a silk shop for someone to pick up, Max for pulling a hamstring and Lemon for just being Lemon.  What did I do to deserve the trophy?  Missed my flight to Singapore on the Monday after the tournament because I thought it was on a Wednesday.   Ahhhhh what a Malaka!

5 thoughts on “The Ios Malakas – Chang Mai Cricket Sixes

  1. Enjoyed reading this post. I am an American and served in the US Military in England in the 1960s. I played on a village cricket team at a small town, Brandon, in East Anglia. While there, I went to Lords and watched the West Indies totally thrash the English side. I think Gary Sobers was the best cricketer that ever lived. He and Wes Hall totally dominated the match. After finishing my military service, I returned to the US and played for a local side called Dallas County Cricket club. We would often play against a visiting team comprised of Air India employees.

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