Photographs you will never forgive your parents for taking!

Last year my father decided to scan some the photos of our family onto CD and send them to me.   Whilst I loved  perusing the sepia photos of generations gone by and the wonderful black and white photos of my mother, some of the photos of my younger self were, to say the least, awful.    Obviously my Dad’s sense of pride at being a parent blinded him to the fact that some of the photos he took of me (and my sister) would make a good source of material for any comedian.   However, after the initial shock of being confronted by myself in allegedly baby cute poses, shocking teenage fashion and bad hair cuts (thank god he didn’t include any photos of me in hot pants), national health glasses and red Clarkes shoes – I had a good laugh.   So much so that I am not ashamed to share a couple of them with you.

 From this picture you would never guess how much I loathed ballet.

Anyone out there brave enough to share?


13 thoughts on “Photographs you will never forgive your parents for taking!

  1. Well I think they’re so cute – love the first one! Mum doing her reading while keeping baby out of the way and safe and “in touch”! 🙂 But I know just what you mean lol!

  2. Love this post, fun to look at old photos. My kids ate fascinated by ones of their parents. Scanning them is great idea – my parents had loads stolen in a burglary years ago, many family holidays with no record! Love that top hat.

  3. Great oldies but goodies photos – the first photo paints far more than a 1000 words. I include old photos of me from time to time on my blogs… they’re fun 🙂

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