Let’s Do Brunch, Flinders Lane – Melbourne City Centre.

Take a walk up Flinders Lane in Melbourne City Centre and find yourself in a scape reminiscent of the Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts.  Vibrant colours sprayed across concrete and brick form a backdrop for  alien critters and carton characters.  Nestled in this riotous display are framed paintspray images that clearly demonstrate talent can be found in this particular genre of artists. Some of the best restaurants/brassieres/watering holes are based around this area which makes it a must for foodies.   Better still , visit on a Sunday and take in the delights of Melbourne’s talented community of  designers who display their designs along the river bank or tucked under a modern architectural canopy that forms part of Federation Square.  It makes for a delightful day.  Check out https://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/weekly-photo-challenge-today-2/ for a few more pictures of flinders lane restaurants.


21 thoughts on “Let’s Do Brunch, Flinders Lane – Melbourne City Centre.

  1. Graffiti is vandalism effectively: but when Art is done well, makes the world a more beautiful place. Their are two types of Art: good Art and bad Art. Theses images are great. I dig it.

  2. I can certainly respect this sort of graffiti as art, many places would look better for it. Sadly most of what we get here’s are badly spelt swear words!

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