The Balancing Act

Take a walk down the Yarra River that runs through the centre of Melbourne City Centre and you will see a plethora of street entertainers who balance on a small box for hours on end, only moving when a child pulls out a coin and puts into their hat.     However I found a natural balancing act watching with interest the goings on of the two ladies in the above pictures.  🙂

11 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. Near my apartment there is a small shopping area and occasionally there is a street performer similar to these, but he had one of those small wooden dolls artists use to help with poses. Anyone is able to go over and pose the doll anyway they want and he mimics what you do, it’s pretty intense watching him bend around when young kids play with the doll

  2. I have seen this sort of entertainment in Key West, Memphis and New Orleans. They outlast any audience watching them. Sea gulls often rest on one leg. Great juxtaposition…nature vs man.

  3. I too thought the people were statues. I keep looking and looking and still couldn’t tell. Nice photos. New the birds were real. (smile)


  4. Great photos … my favorite; the seagulls – not many people like them, but I think they are a beautiful bird and great object for the camera.

  5. Can’t say I’ve seen these patient performers, but then I don’t get to Melbourne that often! Will keep an eye out next time though!
    The two ladies, yes, they get around, I see them frequently 🙂

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