Kerrrrrrrrr Ching

Today was a moment of great excitement.  1 year on from joining a photography web site I was informed that I had sold my first photograph!  It was a moment of rainbows, soaring birds and waterfalls. 

It caused my body to go into  earth trembling anticipation – just like the 5.5 tremor we experienced yesterday but in a good way.

It was a fluffy duck moment. 

I read on in excitement as the email gave me directions as to how I could  claim my percentage of the sale……………………. all .32 cents of it!!!

Ah well as they say “don’t give up the day job”.  Think I need to re-think the whole idea of a career in photography!  Any ideas?


32 thoughts on “Kerrrrrrrrr Ching

  1. Congrats! You certainly have the talent and portfolio for such a career. But any art for a living is a tough go. I supported my art creating and sporadic sales by being a picture framer for many years. I will tell you that with most artists I know there’s a sudden spike that changes everything. Maybe this will be your ticket to the sky! Here’s hopin’!

  2. Congratulations … I’ve just signed up for one too. I don’t think it’s ever going to be a ‘get rich quick scheme’ lol. But your first sale must have felt amazing well done

  3. Wonderful! You are such an amazing photographer but in my humble opinion, I think you can do more and go for it! I”m not sure what sites to use but there are tons of stock photo websites out there. Perhaps you can do a google search and try some websites. Otherwise have you ever thought of doing a photo book and self publishing? Never know where that will lead.

  4. Congratulations! My advice is to not think of photography as a career — think of it as a passion. Devote your time and energy to your passion and the rewards will come….sometimes in ways you never imagined. 🙂 — Rob

  5. Congratulations and don’t let the $$ amount get you down. You may want to start thinking about creating your own gallery and setting your own prices. This way you determine the value of your images and the profit that you get. My gallery is hosted by Smugmug Pro. The gallery links directly from my site. Check it out its something you may want to consider.

  6. Revel in the excitement of your first sale – don’t let the 32 cents get you down! Your work is stunning and worth so much more. Have you considered approaching some local coffee shops – sometimes they are looking for art work for their walls, and will feature your work with it being available on consignment. Sadly, I have no more to offer as I am not qualified – but I am sure there are better avenues for you!

  7. 32 cents is more than you made from your photography yesterday, and more than I’ve ever made, and more than most us have ever made and you gotta start somewhere! So, sit back a second, and lap up the congratulations for a bit, and then reconsider your hasty retreat and rather consider what other means you could employ to gain entry into the field. I’m sure there are lots of photographers here in our blogosphere who’d be full of advice and ideas, for a start …

    • I agree so much. I’ve spent so many time on photography, invested money for equipment. Never got any money from it. And that never stopped me, mostly because I enjoy it. So that said, congratulation on your first sell! I’d be pretty excited.

  8. Never give up on your passion. Meditate on what vision you have for you photos. Are they billboards? Greeting cards? Are they beautiful coffee table books? Keep at it and follow your bliss. You have some incredible shots here! Solidify your ideas. These are your babies. Where do they want to go?

  9. I hope you will sell a lot more ..because you are so talent !!!!! Love photos as art on my walls, not much for painting – most of the ones I have is my own work with my old camera and blown up into massive framed wonderful pictures – even sold the copy write to one of them – the one I use for my profile, don’t tell anyone *smile Good luck to you…

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