And the Nomination is ……………………………….

I have been stunned and OVERWHELMED by the amount of people who think I am worthy of a nomination.  I apologise for being a little reticent acknowledging these awards but was worried about appearing to be boastful when in fact I have been surprised and honoured.  However,  I would like to publicly acknowledge those who have nominated me and  thank them for :-

One Lovely Blog from and and and and

Picture the World from

Versatile Blogger award from and

Pink Tree Award from

Kreativity award –

The very inspiring blogger awared –

Apologies If I’ve missed anyone out.

As with most of these awards there are conditions of acceptance but if I responded to all of these individually my acceptance blog would go on way too long and bore the pants off everyone.

So let me share a couple of things that you don’t know about me:-

I have a very bad habit of leaving tissues in my laundry and most of my clothes come out of the wash covered in white fluff – no matter how much I search I always seem to miss one.

I love the smell of raisin toast.

I adore the character of Tigger because he has an irrepressible personality.

Guys – I love all your blogs – they are informative, inspiring, funny and contain stunning photos but a special thanks  goes to:-


http://theurgeto – Who’s irony and wit – I love.


Who have, along with some of my nominators,  travelled with me for a lot of my journey into the blogging world – check their great websites out

Again apologies if I have missed anyone out

10 thoughts on “And the Nomination is ……………………………….

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  2. Congratulations – a very impressive list of blog awards and very richly deserved. We’re really touched to have been nominated – thank you so much. We’re really very behind in processing these gifts (ie doing the work) but will be back to you as soon as we can.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Your awards are well deserved. I enjoy your blog and everything it has to offer. Thank you for thinking of me, I am humbled by your menton of my site.


  4. Well deserved, I am always fascinated by your posts, and enjoy browsing your blog. Never having been out of Africa, it make me want to travel all over, yet I am not deprived, because I can visit through your blog. Thanks for the mention, I am humbled and grateful 🙂 Bless you

  5. Congrulations on so many awards so well deserved. Thank you for the kind words. It’s a great journey – I love the way you see and capture the world.

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