The Last Lecture

On September 18, 2007, computer science professor Randy Pausch stepped in front of an audience of 400 people at Carnegie Mellon University to deliver a last lecture called “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” With slides of his CT scans beaming out to the audience, Randy told his audience about the cancer that is devouring his pancreas and that will claim his life in a matter of months. On the stage that day, Randy was youthful, energetic, handsome, often cheerfully, darkly funny. He seemed invincible. But this was a brief moment, as he himself acknowledged.

Randy’s lecture has become a phenomenon, as has the book he wrote based on the same principles, celebrating the dreams we all strive to make realities. Sadly, Randy lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on July 25th, 2008, but his legacy will continue to inspire us all, for generations to come.

If you were confronted by your own death – what would you do?

I’ve only just seen this.  It is incredibly inspirational and at the same time humbling.

May your weekend have only positive thoughts 🙂 Sue


8 thoughts on “The Last Lecture

  1. I remember watching this at the time – but it´s certainly something worth reminding yourself about from time to time. Your post is particularly poignant for me as a close family member passed away with breast cancer, yesterday. I shall watch this again over the weekend. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this post. Mitch Albom’s non-fictional novel ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is fantastic example too. I have had experience where you are confronted by your own death (in the war) … it may sound simple, and/or not nearly as dramatic as people would like it to be – but the truth is – there is nothing you would, or could do. You just pray. That is it.

    All the best,

    • Thank you for comments Daniela – Last year I had to confront my own mortality and started this blog as a celebration of the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to have know and the amazing experiences I have had. This blog kept me sane, gave me strengtht and reminded I had had a great life and nothing (bar a few minor misdemenours) to regret. 🙂

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