Ghostly Goings On at the Royal Park. Melbourne

Ever wondered about what goes on in all those old nooks and crannies,  dark spaces, empty corridors and  silent disused wards in a hospital?  Teeming with ghosts probably!      Well the Melbourne Health Royal Park Hospital can help.    Ghost tours run on a regular basis during Winter season until the 31 October.   Learn about its origins, history and  claims to fame.    Catch a glimpse of ghostly faces at the windows of the old orphanage, wander around around heritage listed buildings whilst listening to tales about spies and the resident ghosts whilst peering nervously into dark unlit corners.    We had a ball.

6 thoughts on “Ghostly Goings On at the Royal Park. Melbourne

  1. we signed up for a ‘darker side of Belfast’ tour we still have to go on – love hearing old stories about places like this – but I am a bit of a wimp so I hope I don’t freak out too easily!

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