Pisaq market – Peru

There’s something about the local  markets of South America that cause me to wand around them  for ages – although I would never wear the colourful, handmade clothing or drape the fabric around my home, the vibrant colours always attract me.

60 thoughts on “Pisaq market – Peru

  1. Nice close-ups! There are some similar markets here in Bolivia. Love the colors, but don’t wear them as I don’t want to end up looking like too much of a tourist. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. These textile peices are absolutely incredible. I love the vibrant colours, and the woven patterns are mind blowing to me. The colours reminded me a lot of Molas from Panama, which are some of my favourite forms of textile art. This is a link to a picture of one, if you don’t know what they are, though I’m sure someone whose traveled as much as you have probably already has! It’s all different layers of fabric cut into certain shapes and sewn together to make one big picture. I think I’d go blind just trying.

  3. Stunning colors and awesome workmanship. My daughter just got back from a trip to Peru where she was helping in the clinic at Belen in Iquitos and she bought me back a lovely woven basket. It amazed me that even in the midst of such terrible poverty, people were still able to produce such beautiful items.

  4. I purchased textiles at the market in Otavala, Ecuador…tablecloths, table runners and a duffel bag to bring them home. I gave them as gifts and I use mine. I love the colors and textures found in market places. Beautiful shots.

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