When the train’s delayed ………….. Don’t worry cause everythings goin to be alright

Ever had one of those days when you’ve been ‘over it’?   We all get them – let’s face it, but Tuesday was a mother and I was looking forward to my wind down time with a glass of red with more anticipation than usual.   However the gods that be decided to test my patience by halting the train 3 stations away from my disembarkation point due to an emergency.  After some time my friend and I decided to finish the journey by our own steam power and headed off by foot.  I am so glad we did.  For  once it was not raining, the sun was out and the air although a little nippy warmed up as we walked briskly down streets backlit by the sunset.

Unfortunately I was so mesmerized by the light show I stepped into dog poo – ah well it was nice whilst it lasted!


19 thoughts on “When the train’s delayed ………….. Don’t worry cause everythings goin to be alright

  1. Your sunset and sky photos are wonderful. Love the birds and the clouds. It nice to always look up, there is so much to see. The poop doesn’t matter you can wash it off. It’s the sky you will remember. I’m sure the wine at the end of your walk was even better.


  2. Well how glad I’m that the train stopped cause we got to share the pictures… Dog poo is only dog poo if you know you’ve stood in it, other wise it’s just a bad smell that seems to follow you, that has you wondering who stood in it…

  3. Ha – you know when you’re having a great time absorbing your surrounding, that’s exactly when you do step in poo! Someone who has never stepped in it is walking around with their eyes on the ground.

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