There’s no balls in them burgers!

I read today, with great hilarity, an article on the Maccas grammatically incorrect  advertising campaign.

Billboards are advertising that  “Mary had a little lamb fries and a coke” .   By omitting the coma lamb fries apparently translates into sheep’s testicles for some people.   OOOPS.    When questioned by the press,  an  Australian spokesperson for McDonald responded eloquently by informing them there were no balls in their burgers (allegedly)!

Not being a McDonald’s fan – well unless it’s 12.00 at night and I’m drunk, cold and heading back to the railway station at which point a Maccas always seems like a good idea, I think it would have been more accurate to say that although the patty is testicle free, the burgers still balls.    Do I hear gasps of outrage from Maccas fans all over the world?

Well they may not use balls in their burgers but there are a large number of other dubious products that fast food manufacturers are cited as using – check out for more information on the weird things that we may be eating.


10 thoughts on “There’s no balls in them burgers!

  1. The last time McDonald’s was appealing was on a trip to England in 1999, no offense anyone! We had lots of disappointing meals for some reason (the watered down malt vinegar in Sheffield was the WORST) so at a week moment we gave in… So what I really want to know is this: where are the good fish and chips these days in England?!

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