The Sound of Silence – DPchallenge.

Roused by a warm, slightly sticky, wet tongue sandpapering its way across my face,  I lay in bed, slowly coming to from a drug induced sleep.   As my mind emerged from its resting place and seeped back into awareness I realised that  there was no lapping sound to accompany the licking.  In fact, I could hear nothing.   No hum of traffic, no squabbling sparrows or chattering parrots, no clattering of cooking pans in the kitchen, no reassuring babble of children – just silence.

Lying still, making no attempt to stop the dog give me a bed bath,  I listened into the quiet.     You, may wonder how someone can listen to nothing?  Well….. have you ever looked at air?  Because it’s the same concept.    Unfocus your eyes, gaze into space and a whole new world is revealed.   Motes, specks, fibres and microbes bounce, teem, jostle and zap around the atmosphere.  What looks empty and transparent is in fact rammed full of silent activity.

So I lay there unmoving, listening into the quiet and heard high-pitched ringing, underwritten by low toned crinkling static, accompanied by the thud of my heartbeat.      Suddenly a loud drum banged  inside my head, followed by another and another.  The noise swelled, enveloping my brain before smashing against the inside of my skull as it tried to force its way out.   As the tempo increased fireworks mimed explosions and blazed trails of colour across the back of my closed eyelids.

The pain came sharp and fast.  Noise switched back on at high volume.  Beeping and revving engines, squawking birds, crashing and clashing pots and screaming humans, all caused more of the agonising drum beats to sound out in my head.   Fighting the dog off I stumbled out of bed and fumbled for water and more tablets.    Tying a scarf around my head to keep it from exploding I fell back onto the bed and waited for oblivion.

Such is the sound of a migraine and for a sufferer there is no such thing as silence.


23 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence – DPchallenge.

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  2. Thanks for the feedback – sympathy to all fellow sufferers. Thanks for the sugestions. Luckily they don’t happen too often these days – I just have to stay off coffee, chocolate, red wine, cheese for a while when I get an attack. – Alol the good stuff of course !!

  3. Wonderful descriptive prose. The juxtapose of the gift of silent “being” vs. the injury of active “living” is a powerful metaphor for the divide between dualism and oneness. I’m guessing your travels in Asia have left a patina of Taoism on your philosophy?

    Thanks for dropping into my place. I liked what I saw when I dropped into yours.

  4. i know what you go through,i get them to. i had an attack at a k-mart i had to go out and sit huddled with my coat covering my head to keep the light out while waiting for mu boyfriend to come get me and take me to the E.R. i’m blessed i only get them maybe 2-3 times a year. very nice writing to, i was on the edge of my seat thinking. what is it?? what’s doing this to you? i hope you feel better soon.

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  6. Fabulous bit of writing lovely lady! So sorry for the pain. I too suffer from them. At least once a week but have things under control symptom wise but it really plays havoc with family life being so vauge and distracted with the side effects of drugs and everything a bit of a blurr like swimming underwater with my eyes open! Have you heard about Botox therapy for those who haven’t been helped by other means? It is the big new thing over here but I haven’t been tempted just yet to try it! I wonder if they would apply it around my forehead and tighten up the worry lines at the same time, lol.

  7. I applaud you for your writing , Good piece, to me this is well written. I hope you weren’t talking about yourself.
    I personally don’t have that ability, I had trouble writing in my college classes. Now I’m just having fun posting photos and giving a small caption. I really like your photos.

  8. Headache is something I hardly have – but I have friends with migraines and they describe it just like you have done .. with the fireworks .. strong colors .. pain and there is nothing the outsiders can to make it ease – you have my sympathies and I hope you are free from it by now.

  9. Great description. My wife has suffered from migraines for many years but it was only a couple of years ago that I experienced it myself and can now truly sympathise/empathise. Get well soon 🙂

  10. I get migraines too and can relate to the pain. A really good nerologist can go a log way in helping your suffering. I just started getting Botox and it really helps

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