Weekly writing challenge – Mail it in – email

Dear Sir,

Re:  Claim No 246709L/23

Some time ago I completed the forms you sent me and returned them by post as requested.  After receiving no acknowledgment of my application I called your office only to be informed by your staff that they had not received the paperwork and that it must have been “lost in transit”.   After completing a new set and resubmitting them I have tried to contact you on several occasions to ascertain delivery of same.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to speak to a human staff member thwarted by your cunning maze of voice recognition options.   Unluckily for me you do not have a numeral for  lost post nor do I have a reference number as until you receive the forms you are unable to allocate one.   After  several fustrating attempts I finally circumnavigated your phone system and was promptly put on hold for over half an hour as all your operators were ‘busy’.

Hence this email.  I have scanned and attached the documents you require.  I have also requested that I am alerted when you receive this email and when it is opened and read.  There is no chance that this electronic document can get ‘lost’ in the post, it saves me time and money as I no longer have to listen for hours to your tinny elevator music and my sanity has been restored.  The final bonus is that I have an accurate record on file of our correspondence for future reference.   I trust this resolves our communication difficulties and  I expect a response to my email by return.

Yours in anticipation

Mr Chek Mate.

Want to join in?    http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/weekly-writing-challenge


14 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge – Mail it in – email

  1. I have to say that the same people are working at an airline that I could name too. But remember, ‘your call is important to us’. The question is, which comes first, the need to sleep or the desire to do something else. Automatic telephone answering machines should be banned.

    And ‘lost in transit’/not received is an excuse used FAR too often. Make them pay for their incompetence I say.

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