Spaghetti Al Fresco – Canon EOS Competition 2012 – Australia

For the past few weeks I’ve been throwing sand and glitter into the air, dying and flinging spaghetti around, ironing tissue paper and photographing it at sunset, getting caught up in fishing wire and crawling around the floor taking photos of little people.    It’s been fun,frustrating and at times a futile job.  But I have learnt a lot about my camera and managed to enter 4 acceptable photographs into the Canon Competition for Australia and New Zealand.  Unfortunately the box took way too long to arrive and I lucked out on the little people photo as I read the instructions wrong.

However the voter also gets a chance to win a prize – a Canon EOS 650D Single IS kit.   If you are a Aussie/NZ resident sign onto  cast  your vote and write a blurb (25 words).

In the box this year are 4 elements


tissue paper

little people

fishing wire

The final  brief is wind and an open brief – ie any Australian resident  can enter.

Public voting starts 9th November and closes on thge 29th – check it out there are some great shots and vote if you can – after all you may win a prize!

Here are my entries

Moon Cascade (wind)

Spaghetti Al Fresco

Steller Skyscape (tissue)

Posidons Mask (fishing wire)

Velvet Forrest (Little People)

Took a  photo of the wrong little person so this one is not eligible to be entered but I like it anyway.

Judges pick the 10 best photos and then the public have a chance to vote for their fav – I don’t ewxpect to win anything but as I said it’s been fun and a huge learning curve

So if you are an Aussie or NZ get yourself signed up and in with a chance to win a prize for voting 🙂


16 thoughts on “Spaghetti Al Fresco – Canon EOS Competition 2012 – Australia

  1. Futile? No Way! Great photos, and if I was a resident I’d give you a vote. I have enjoyed what I’ve seen here since following a few weeks ago…above, I especially love the Spaghetti al Fresco, Poseidon Mask and Little People Velvet forest, or whatever that was – just great work, with the added benefit of learning more about your camera. Good luck, but you’ve already won something, haven’t you?

  2. Are those all your photos …. ????? You have some talent, girl … my favorite is the top .. with the multi colored spaghetti. Good luck … I really hope you will win, you deserve it big time. Where can we vote for your entries ????

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