Go Macro!

I don’t have a Macro Lens yet and was pondering the question should I or not.   Then I read an article about turning the normal lens around,  taping it on, using a tripod and a timer to get macro shots.   Not an easy process especially as my tape is not sticky enough.   So I experiemented and opened up a whole new world of seeing.     Results above.   I am going to start  saving!


28 thoughts on “Go Macro!

  1. You inspired me to try the macro setting on my digital camera today, while I was taking pictures of an old coverlet. I got some great pictures that showed how bumpy it is up close, and the texture of individual threads. So thank you!

  2. Extension tubes are a good interim and as others have said they do distort the image.
    A true macro lens is the way to go if your serious.
    Another option is to use a wide angle lens which has a shorter focusing distance and can produce close up shots.
    I would never have reversed my lens because of all the things that could damage the lens but great job in doing it. For sticky tape i would suggest duct tape

  3. If you can get one, try and pick up a manual Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm, I have the first version and it has a macromode which can produce some fantastic shots.

    Depending on the Camera you have, it is sometimes also possible to pick up an old lens and mount it, the important part being that the flange focal distance should be shorter than for your camera. Not being able to focus to infinity in this case means the lens will only focus very near

  4. While turning a regular lens around works, it leaves the new front element (which would normally be inside the camera body) unprotected and subject to the elements. You mentioned some of the other drawbacks. Good luck in saving up for a true macro lens, which I think you’ll be delighted with.

  5. I was told exactly the same at a photoshop after I nearly fainted when I was told bout the price o a macrolens..Instead I bought the magnifyingfilters..After seeing your pictures I still might try it ,but only indoors as I find people staring at me already sitting down on my knees out on the street without tape round camera..Love the result you got out it tho..:-)

  6. Another option is to get an inexpensive set of macro magnifying filters – I got a set of four – 2x,4x,6x, 10x – for around $12. You get a lot of blur and distortion at the edges of your image, but the results are still great.

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