Weird and Wonderful Orbs of Light – Paranormal or scientific explanation?

I’m going to show you something that I’ve never shown anyone before.  Many years ago when I was living in Sheffield I decided to play with the flash on my camera one dark night in my back garden.  It was pitch black and the house lights from the other side of the valley glowed yellow.  After I loaded the pictures onto the computer and looked at them I noticed round spheres in the foreground small and large, white and what looked like a multi-coloured nucleus in the middle of them.  I could not explain their presence – they certainly were not visible to the naked eye.  So I rushed out and took a load more shots with the flash off and on and found more globular like balls in the photographs.    I never told anyone what I had photographed until now because I thought I would be laughed at.    The reason I’m publishing them is because I have seen more photos taken by other people of the same phenomina and have read several accounts of what they might be.  Scientific thinking seems to think that they are pollution that attracts dust particles – others think they are paranormal (there was an old Victorian cemetary at the bottom of the valley).    I have no idea but am relieved that I’m not the only one to have photographed them (ie I’m not mad or seeing things).   Take a look at the photographs below and see what you think?  Have any of you had a similar experience?  Have a go yourself and see if you can photograph them.     It’s weird and wonderful and makes me happy that there is no concrete explanation for them and its a mystery.

I darkened some of the picture above where one of the balls was the brightest and most colourful to see if I could identify what it was


28 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Orbs of Light – Paranormal or scientific explanation?

  1. Seem to remember reading some Victorian-era literature about this phenomenon as a child: it was said to be the souls of those who had not passed over and still had something to rectify, another tale held that they were faeries… In any case, there is much we do not “see” anymore as it is drowned out by the chaos of the 21st century!

  2. It’s very possible that they’re accumulations of dust catching light. After all, snowflakes are formed by a similar phenomenon, where ice forms around dust particles in the atmosphere.

  3. Cool! I’m a closet ghost adventures freak! I dig this kind of stuff — it definitely gets the “wheels” spinning. True story of mine, along the same lines: I was testing out a camera of mine to do some video editing. When i uploaded the footage onto the program and went over my shots, I clear-as-day heard a little girl say “mommy?” It wasn’t muffled, or imagined — it sounded like a little girl off-camera. Creepy!!

  4. love your photos! I’ve heard that when there are balls like that in a photo, you’re actually taking picture of spirits. If it’s true, i don’t know, but personally I think it’s sort of fascinating! (sorry for my bad English, but I’m Norwegian)

  5. I wouldn’t know if those orbs were paranormal or not – but I love the effects you have managed to get in these photos. Makes me feel like experimenting as well. Well done with these!

  6. I used to belong to a group of Kundalini-active people. We would often comment about the abnormally large number of orbs we would somehow photograph floating around people or in some of the more sacred spaces we would visit. It would be in all kinds of light and conditions. I am a believer in the basic science of there being many frequencies that we humans cannot “see” with the naked eye, though I don’t know if orbs are any sort of indication of this. When I am out and about, the orbs do seem to occur more frequently when there is a lot of moisture in the air or due to small droplets from a fine misty rain on the lens. Thank you for posting!

  7. I wonder if they are some sort of dew drops invisible to the eye that only become apparent with the flash light: Aabit like a rainbow, but without the colours! Great pictures, though. Thank you for finally sharing them with the world.

  8. They are dust particles floating in the air close to your lens, being lighted close up by your flash. Especially seen in horse barns/ riding rings where a lot of dust gets whirled up. Try it in the rain sometime, or when it gently snows, makes pretty drop shapes in your image. I used one for a xmas card once I remember.

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  10. my friends and I have photographed many over the years … inside as well … we turn the lights off and just take pics .. its amazing what you can see. Personally I think theyre paranormal … theres no other real explanation of them. I have an awesome pic a friend of mine took the other week … will post on my page and link back to here … food for thought definitely 🙂 … hmmm might have to take some more night photos and see what comes up 🙂

  11. Seen loads of these over the years….in my circles we see them as angels…….but it is about faith in our case….often this defies the rational so not always seen that way by others I realise. But there does seem to be more activity now than in the past……….

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