Where would you like to be today?

After 7 months of solid work and rain I would like to be on this boat watching the sunset .  Where wouldyou like to be right now?


28 thoughts on “Where would you like to be today?

  1. Reblogged this on …and she writes and commented:
    Today, I’d like to be in France. Nowhere in particular. Anywhere in France.

    Pourquoi? Because lately, all I’ve wanted to do is hang out and converse in French. It’s no fun when you know another language and you don’t get to use it (outside of the classroom…teaching the language is wayyyy different from just using it.) To appease this desire, I usually talk to myself en français. Gotta practice somehow, right?

    I’m excited about spending some time in France in the summer. I wish I could be there for more than just a few days, but anything is better than nothing. I can’t wait to taste authentic French food and speak French with French people (though that does scare me a bit.)

    I have a dear friend who is in France for a year and I’d love to see her and give her a big hug. 🙂

    Mais, je suis ici…aux États-Unis…parmi les américains. Parmi les gens qui ne parlent pas français. Dans un pays qui n’est pas la France. J’ai hâte de visiter la France. En attendant, je rêverai de tout ce que j’ai écrit ici. Je rêverai de la cuisine française…des paysages français…

    – j

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