Special Weekly Photography Challenge – Inspiration

As much as I love England and consider it my home,  the bad weather can really be a downer.  Mainly cold, windy and wet; the sky often grey; darkness eats into the day and landscapes become bleak and cheerless.  It affects mood, mental health and vitamin D levels.   Australians call us ‘whingeing poms’   and all I can say to that is if they were forced to live there for a long time  they would be grumbling as well!    Up to the age of 38 I lived in these wetlands    – only venturing out for 2-3 week holidays once a year, limited by my job’s working conditions and my lack of courage to chuck it all in and live a little.

Then something happened – a broken marriage; a loved one, who planned to travel, ravaged by dementia before she achieved her dream;  the prospect of staying in the same job forever – whatever the trigger was it threw me right out of my comfort zone into the wide world and I’ve never looked back.

The inspiration for starting my blog is (as they say on facebook) complicated.     Stories of my travels and the wonderful people I have met along the way  have been bubbling away in my brain for many years. Photographs have been taken and stored for future publication of a much talked about book.    But as with a lot of things in my life, they got shelved – that is until my future looked uncertain.    So I joined word press and started a blog to record and share memories of love, laughter and inspirational moments.    And in doing so I have been inspired other blog sites to continue my travels and improve my photography skills.

It has been an amazing journey so far


19 thoughts on “Special Weekly Photography Challenge – Inspiration

  1. Just wading into your blog now and already loving it. And this post is something everybody should read. Even for a guy like me who travels a lot, I have stayed in one place much longer than planned — and the reasons are the same as for most people. Security. Fear. Comfort. Yet I never smile here in Japan like it do…well, like I do any time I get off of an airplane and start exploring a new place. Anyway, great blog! And thanks for stopping by mine as well. Cheers and happy travels!

  2. I was once asked why i left the UK, I said “You know how much rain you get? Thats how much sun we get..” the reply was “Oh”

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