Ceremonies and Celebrations

A Word A week challenge – celebrations, final reblogg for the week comes from taking to the open road I just love the henna work done for this Wedding lovely shot

Taking to the Open Road

“Wait, why are there four pineapples again?”

“I don’t know, we just put one in each corner of the room,” says Jo, as she hurries to do just that, the ends of her beaded sari fluttering in her wake.

I’m at her twin sister’s wedding, and this, along with the smearing of green, red and white rice onto the foreheads of all of Jo’s uncles as they cross the threshold, is another ceremony that I don’t understand, but am happy to share in regardless.

Today is the mehndi ceremony, where Al will sit patiently for hours while a henna artist applies intricate patterns to her skin. Hidden within the swirls are her groom’s initials. The paste is applied, then when it dries and starts to crack, a solution of lemon juice and sugar is rubbed into the skin, to set the colour. The henna is then wrapped in cling film…

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